Terronics, located in Elwood Indiana, USA, is an innovative and leading developer of electrostatic spray and powder coating processes. Dr. Han Almekinders represents Terronics Development Corporation in Europe.Some of Terronics electrostatic coating systems that have been commercialized are electrostatic oilers for cold rolling mills, drug and polymer electrostatic spray systems for medical implant devices, anti-sticking and release agent electrostatic powder applicators, lubricant electrostatic oilers and powder applicators for the food industry.

Applying paints to cars and frames electrostatically is widely used, while the process industry has little experience or knowledge of electrostatic systems. Electrostatic coating, liquid or powder, has many advantages, also for materials like cinnamon, oil, polymers, or talc powder. An electric field is created by a high voltage electrostatic nozzle, the particles are electrostatically charged and attracted to the product. This ensures a high coating efficiency. Meanwhile, particles will avoid each other by the  mutual repelling force, and each particle will aim for an uncoated spot on the product. This gives a good uniformity of the coating on the product, thereby lowering the amount of coating needed. Resulting in cost savings of material usage and an interesting return on investment, with a better product quality and little to  no waste.

Electrostatic Coating has the following advantages:

High coating efficiency
High uniformity of the coating
Better product quality
Less to no waste
Lower energy levels
Large cost savings possible

Terronics builds custom designed machines for each plant and process. Existing applications have shown an attractive good return on the investment.

Laboratory Equipment in Sluis, The Netherlands, is available for:

Demonstrations of hardware capabilities
Performing Coating experiments
Developmental Projects
Pilot Studies
Customer on site evaluations