Electrostatic Dart Spraying

Terronics uses the ElectroHydroDynamic Atomisation (EHDA) technology to atomise spray liquids.  The spray liquid is charged in the nozzle, usually of negative polarity. The liquid is electrically energized and leaves the nozzle tip in the form of a single jet. This jet breaks up into charged droplets of  equal size. The droplet size depends on the surface tension, viscosity and electrical resistivity of the spray liquid. The Terronics sprayers atomise liquids in the resistivity range from highly conductive (103 Ω.cm) to highly insulative  (over 1013 Ω.cm).    

The Terronics Dart nozzle is used for ultra low volume spraying in flow rates from 1 µl to 10 ml/min.

Spraying a solvent based polymer coating onto a 5 mm diameter medical impant device. The charged small droplets are electrically attracted to the metallic grid of the implant and form a unform polymer layer.

Aerosols of airborne submicron sized droplets.
Vegetable Seeds are given an exact dosage of an active ingredient.

Electrospinning Applications

Electrospun Nano Fibers.
Fiber Beads.