Electrostatic Powder Technology

Terronics Electrostatic Powder applicators use rotating brushes to meter precisely the feeding rate of the powder. This powder is then transported as an aerated and diffuse powder cloud by low-energy laminar air flows through a powder coating chamber. This coating chamber is at least 0,5 m long, depending on the application. In the coating chamber, all the powder particles pick up an electrostatic charge from a corona charging voltage system, at only 35 kV. Because of the internal electrical field set up between the high voltage system at 35 kV and the electrically grounded product/web, the powder particles are attracted to the products/web and deposit on it.

Instead of multiple powder guns, needing an array of guns, often in multiple rows mounted in an enclosure, to cover the whole product/web, the Terronics Powder Coater only has one powder feeding and metering system making only one coherent powder cloud that covers the whole width of the product/web to be coated in the coating chamber. This offers several advantages:

Straightforward in design and operation: only one in-line powder feeding and one charging system.

High first time depostion efficiencies, typically over 95%: The particles are steered to the product by electrostatic forces in low-energy laminair air flows in the coating chamber. This chamber is at a slight underpressure, the little portion of powder particles that remain airborne (typically less than 5%) are captured in a dust collector and are disposed of, or can be re-used.

Enabling uniform powder coating layers at high processing speeds